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Bobcats, LLL: OUr Campaign

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Welcome to OUr campaign! We’ve created Bobcats, Let’s Learn About Lymphoma, a comprehensive public relations campaign that is a part of this year’s PRSSA Bateman Case Study Competition. We will be competing against a multitude of other students and schools to bring awareness to adolescent and young adult (AYA) lymphoma on behalf of this year’s competition sponsor, the Lymphoma Research Foundation. AYA lymphoma affects young people ages 15 to 39 and nearly 90,000 AYAs are diagnosed each year. Lymphoma is the most common type of blood cancer and accounts for about 1-in-5 cancer diagnoses among young people. OUr mission for Bobcats Let’s Learn About Lymphoma is to inform and bring awareness to Bobcats and AYAs in the Athens community about the warning signs of lymphoma and how to support those who have been diagnosed.

Our campaign consists of primary research conducted through surveys and focus groups and as well as events held throughout the Bateman Competition implementation period which runs from February 7 to March 11.

Bobcats, Let’s Learn About Lymphoma is comprised of Managing Director Rebecca Harhai, Creative Director Demetra Miller, Event Planner Lauren Reed, and Social Media Manager Makenna Goad. We are all members of Scripps PRSSA, a pre professional public relations, marketing and communications organization. We are so proud to be representing our amazing chapter and hope to uphold the legacy of successful campaigns that have ran before us.

We are so excited to bring awareness to AYA lymphoma through Bobcats, Let’s Learn About Lymphoma! To stay updated with our campaign, follow our socials @bobcats_lll. Thank yOU for supporting OUr campaign!

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