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What if I get Lymphoma at Ohio University?

Ohio University is one of the largest universities in Ohio. It has over 21,000 students in Athens, around 250 academic programs, and 500 student organizations. With all the opportunities available, there seems to be something to accommodate everyone. But are

resources available for Ohio University students who are diagnosed with AYA Lymphoma?

Ohio University provides several resources to make sure students are staying healthy. Some preventive ones include Well-Being coaching, nutrition counseling, and physical exams. By utilizing these resources, students can take preventive measures against lymphoma and get a quicker diagnosis. These resources can also help students who have been diagnosed with lymphoma grow and repair their bodies.

Physicians at Hudson Health Center at Ohio University can also make referrals to external physicians who can provide better care to a student with lymphoma. O’Bleness Hospital, which is walkable from Ohio University, has doctors who have knowledge about lymphoma and offers a few services that can help students who are dealing with it. These include one-on-one cancer counseling, screening, types of radiation treatment, and rehabilitation.

Students who are experiencing lymphoma may also miss more classes and campus opportunities due to appointments. Ohio University Student Accessibility Services provides temporary and long-term accommodations for students who may have trouble getting to class. Additionally, Counseling and Psychological Services can provide students with mental health help throughout a major life event such as cancer.

However, despite the various resources of support Ohio University provides, students with AYA lymphoma can feel isolated due to missing out on what some can consider “a typical college experience”. There is no organization, support group, or treatment at Hudson Health center that specifically caters to AYA Lymphoma. Because of this, students and faculty must make an effort to learn about and listen to individuals with lymphoma to best include them in the campus community.

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